All Classes are Currently Suspended.

We hope to reopen in the second half of 2021, when we expect there will be a safe and effective vaccine for COVID19. (Updated September 2020)

Check back here occasionally or Facebook for further developments.

All payment accounts will be frozen at $0 until classes resume. When classes restart, accounts can be unfrozen. If you would prefer cancellation, please make that request via email at

But Let’s Continue to Train Outdoors

For free to current students, outdoor bokken and jo training will be offered Saturday mornings, 10:30-noon – weather and temperature permitting – at a nearby park. Adults and Juniors combined! Again, check back here or Facebook for more information.

Temperature must be at least 50ºF degrees for us to go ahead with class on any given week. No uniforms are required for this class, just wear comfortable clothing, and your bokken or jo. Advantage: we don’t have to sweep the mat after class!

Aikido is an effective and flowing self-defense art

Aikido is a Japanese martial art which grew out of “hard-style” combative arts, however in Aikido, instead of learning how to injure the attacker, you learn to avoid the force of the attack, then lead it into a wrist pin or into a throw. The Aikido way can also mean simply getting out of the way of an attack without escalating the fight and without “punishing” the attacker – A noble goal and a different view for those who often see martial arts portrayed as arts of destruction. There is no competition in Aikido. Instead, there is cooperation in the early phase of learning, a spirit of helping your partner get stronger by giving progressively stronger attacks.

The Aikido School of Central Ohio is one of the regions premier martial arts schools

Founded in January 1993, the Aikido School of Central Ohio is lead by Claude Geeroms and 6th degree black belt, James Ford. The Aikido School of Central Ohio is located at 4554 Indianola Ave (map). Prospective students may contact the dojo at (614) 263-1700 or via email at