Free Introduction

We offer a free one-hour introductory aikido class for adults on the first Sunday and Monday of every month.

sketch-1In the meantime, if you have had previous martial arts experience, we invite you to participate in one class (after signing our standard release form, of course). For those without any prior martial arts training, we ask that you watch two classes before taking advantage of the free class offer, just so you have an idea of what’s going on before “jumping in”.

The free intro class on Sunday is an introduction to the basics of aikido principles and movements. You’ll do a little stretching, and some light movement. Your cardio vascular system may be stimulated a bit, and possibly “break a sweat” (but likely not)… this is a relatively easy-going fun class that doesn’t demand a lot other than your attention, interest and participation. There will be no rolling/falling or combative encounters. We’re talking principles and light exercise for this introduction class.