Dojo News

Free Introductory Week of Aikido

Join us Wednesday, November 6th through Wednesday, November 13th during our usual class times.

Just come in on Wednesday, sign a release form, wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing (t-shirt/sweatshirt, sweat pants), and we’ll give you a true taste of what aikido is like at our school. If you like it, you can join for a reasonable rate of $85 per month, and it’s month to month, so no long contracts to worry about. So join us if you can, and bring a friend (or two) if you like.

Structure: The first half hour will be devoted to explanations, warm-ups, learning basic aikido movements and beginning rolling at a slower pace.

The second half hour will be devoted to learning one technique and free-flowing multiple-person evasion practice

Also: a third half hour will be available (not required) if you want to review/work through what you just learned, on your own, with instructors available to answer questions and guide you. Your choice to stay or leave.

Posted on October 5th, 2019.